Advantage from General Fridge and Freezer Repairs Right in Your London E18

The qualified specialist of Quick appliance repair in your region London E18 specializes in repairing appliances of every brand

  • Unlimited troubleshooting of devices
  • Restoration & components promise
  • Expert’s most specific items
  • Same-day reservations accessible

Your fridge and freezer repairman at quick appliance repair do a lot for you

If your fridge does not sustain cool temperatures, your freezer frosts or leaks, or none of them function at all, please contact the accredited expert for help.

  • Combined and individual refrigerators
  • Integrated and individual freezers
  • Integrated and independent refrigerators
  • Manufacturing freezers
  • Consumer refrigerators
  • American refrigerators
  • Ice machines
  • Champagne chiller

Process of fridge and freezer repair

Book your repair

You can either call us at +44-74-5525-6080 or place a reservation on our website.

Repair triage

Your repair has already begun back in our offices with our repair engineers checking your refrigerator freezer fault(s) to see if there are any replacement parts that we can take with us if they are needed.

Our Engineer’s visit

Our helpful repair service engineer will assist with fixing the defective fridge freezer. If any replacement parts are needed then they will inform you of this (we will need to order the parts from time to time and return them to be installed.


The freezer has been repaired, and is working right up. You have now registered as usual for our six-month warranty for the same fault and any parts installed.

Respire new life into your fridge and freezer through these steps

  • Schedule and book a fridge and freezer repair term online
  • A conscientious technician will check the system for defects
  • He will fix the issue using correct replacement parts and equipment
  • The specialist will test the product carefully after the operation.

Things to assume from your fridge and freezer repair service

Reliable work from their trade specialists

The City & Guilds credential from the professional ensures that he will work quickly, reliably and in accordance with all official safety protocols. This also ensures he can repair any fridge or freezer made by any manufacturer currently on the market, including American fridge freezers.

6 months parts coverage

6 months parts coverage made by our trustworthy supplier If you have ordered a refrigerator or a freezer repair service, all work performed by the contractor will be protected by a 1-year coverage including original diagnostics as well as any damaged parts.

Supplying the appliance with original components

One needs their appliance to break down a few months after the repairs. Our supplier partners with all of the suppliers and their agents to ensure that each expert holds the original spare parts to produce long-lasting results on the specific fridge or freezer type.

Serving domestic and commercial customers

Maintenance facilities is planned with a view to versatility. One of the experts has the expertise and credentials not only to support private homeowners but also to provide commercial refrigerator repairs in London workplaces, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and much more.


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