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Oven Repairs in London

The kitchen is the core of most households, so the experienced engineers at Quick appliance repair understand that your most vital household appliances are there when it comes to home appliance repairs. Microwaves have been more widely encountered in today’s culture, and they play a significant role of our lives.

It can take longer than a few minutes to cook a meal because your microwave is no longer functioning properly or has stopped working at all. The good thing is you needn’t actually buy a new one. We are excited about delivering successful and comprehensive microwave repair services at Quick appliance repair. Our goal is to ensure our customers can continue to eat home-cooked meals with ease.

At Quick appliance repairs we know how painful a broken microwave can be and how irritating. That’s why our engineers are able to solve the problem seven days a week no matter what it may be.

We have many years of microwave oven repair experience, and are able to repair microwaves made by all leading brands. All our engineers are highly qualified and Gas Protected licensed just send us a call, and we guarantee a secure, timely and effective repair service for microwave ovens.

And remember: It always works way better to patch your microwave than actually buying a brand new one.

We Offer:

  • Fast, dependable service
  • Biggest coverage
  • Professionally fitted Transporters & Engineers
  • A one-off workload

Microwaves are really effective kitchen devices that we all take for granted and only know their usefulness when they break down. So we understand you want the microwave repair to happen quickly, in London or elsewhere in the country.

Common Microwave Oven Fault

Microwave problems will occur at any moment, and typically at the worst time possible.

Will you run into any of the following microwave problems? :

  • Microwave heats up.
  • Microwave starts and ends.
  • The knobs are not working.
  • Microwave plate isn’t moving.
  • Microwave blasts fuses continuously, or sparks are inside the microwave.
  • Cooks slowly or unevenly by microwave.
  • Microwave sets out noisy sounds like moaning.
  • Microwave fan doesn’t work.

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Quick Appliance Repair give our customers a FREE 6 month warranty on appliance parts. Just call us today or click on the get a quote for more information.

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  • Samsung

  • LG

  • Indesit

  • Hotpoint

  • Smeg

  • Aeg

  • Beko

  • Admiral

  • Miele

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